logo Welcome to the website of the Dutch Capuchin Brothers. It's mainly in Dutch, but some parts are in English as well. Surf for instance to the information about the spirituality of the first Capuchins (see: wetenschap = science in the navigation-bar) and to our meditation page: actually, we invite you to write one for us. Write about 20 lines of text about any theme that you are happy or sad about.
Capuchins are companions of St. Francis of Assisi. He was searching for God and he was overwhelmed by God and the holiness of creation, and chose therefore Jesus Christ's humble way of living.
The idea behind this website is to share with you our views and hopes concerning a society and personal life as St. Francis had in mind.
So the website is about our life, lifestyle, our projects and some valuable items, inspired by St. Francis and his writings.
Welcome to the Dutch Capuchins, and, please, feel free to add your wishes, suggestions and prayers to this site.
Bye now, and God bless.